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Author: RWHill
• Monday, August 08th, 2011

Over 200 students to receive iPads at Dallas Christian

DCS ChargerTech initiative enters Phase II

iPads have already revolutionized the way we use computers.  Now they’re changing the way we teach and learn.

Every teacher at Dallas Christian School in Mesquite received an iPad in December as part of ChargerTech, a school-wide initiative to incorporate tablet computers into the classroom environment.  This week, DCS launches Phase II.

On Monday, August 8, at 7 p.m., every high school student at Dallas Christian School in Mesquite – more than 200 young people in all – will be given their own iPad2. Beginning on the first day of school, those students will weave use of the tablet device into their classroom, home-based and on-the-go learning experiences.

“This initiative will help our students prepare to live and work in a digital world,” says Dr. Colleen Netterville, president of Dallas Christian.  “We are diving into an area that will take our entire school fully into the 21st century.  The world is changing before our eyes, and we have to change with it.”

The initial distribution of 60 iPads to teachers was made possible by a gift from Texas entrepreneur and DCS alumnus Randy Hill (Class of ’86).  He has joined in helping DCS parents, friends, and alumni fund the purchase of the student units as well.

Hill believes Apple’s iPad and devices like it have the potential to revolutionize how teachers teach as well as how their students access their course work, notes and raw data from the Internet.

“We can’t keep giving our kids the kind of instruction I received in the 80’s, let alone giving it to them essentially in the way it was delivered in the 1880’s,” says Hill.  “I’m thrilled to be able to help DCS accomplish its goal of becoming a more innovative institution – a school that will get these students ready for the jobs they will want in the future, many of which don’t even exist right now.”

“From the very start, Randy has been the guiding force behind this initiative,” says Steve Bivins, vice president of Dallas Christian.  “We anticipate our entire campus will be utterly transformed by Randy’s gift.”

For the past eight months, teachers at DCS have been working with experts from Abilene Christian University, a recognized leader in the area of Mobile Learning, to prepare for complete integration of the iPad devices into the education process.

“Students at ACU are successfully using mobile learning as a part of their critical thinking and problem solving skill set,” says Dr. Billie McConnell, director of ACU’s K-12 Digital Learning Institute.  “It will be a true advantage for students in a high school setting to have this experience in and out of the classroom at such a pivotal age.”

Throughout the 2011-12 school year, DCS teachers and administrators will track how integration of iPads effects the classroom learning environment.  “It will be important for us to quantify our findings so we can build on the success of ChargerTech and, in so doing, better serve our students,” says Dr. Netterville.

Author: RWHill
• Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Tradition holds that the idea of the New Year’s Resolution comes from the mythical king of Rome, Janus. He had two faces and could look back to the past and ahead to the future. As a result, many Romans began reflecting on what had just taken place and making vows about the year to come.
For me as a Christian, the idea of a New Year’s Resolution is profoundly spiritual. I see it as a chance to renew my commitment to God and to deepen my faith. I knew a man once who lived his faith every day in every way. He once told a church that he would make up the difference in the collection plate if it didn’t meet its goal, no matter how much money it would cost him. His philosophy was simple: he gave and expected God to meet him.

This year, 2011, I’m making the same pledge. I’m going to give…and expect God to meet me. I hope you’ll join me in doing the same thing.

Author: RWHill
• Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Here is another unintended consequence of the new health care law:

It seems that despite the assurances of the administration, the new law will indeed fund abortions. Here is how:

“The Obama Administration will give Pennsylvania $160 million to set up a new “high-risk” insurance program under a provision of the federal health care legislation enacted in March.”

As part of this new Pennsylvania plan, language was written that says “‘elective abortions are not covered,’ though it does not define elective….”

In other words, there will semantic ways of saying that some abortions are not elective and therefore can be paid for.

This is a sad unintended consequence of the new health care law. Although in this case, I’m not sure how unintended it was.

Author: RWHill
• Wednesday, February 03rd, 2010


Feature article calls Hill a “natural entrepreneur” who is trying to transform biomass

ABILENE, TX—Texas Entrepreneur Randy Hill was profiled today in a front page story in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, a member of the McClatchy Newspapers. The story highlighted Hill’s work with both Texas Tech University and the University of Idaho to use the Advanced Trailer for drying, storing and hauling the wood chips that fuel biomass.

“This feature story in one of Texas’ largest newspapers shows that the Advanced Trailer for Biomass is picking up steam,” Hill said.  “This isn’t about me.  It’s about a revolutionary concept for how we dry, store and transport biomass.  This is just the beginning for the Advanced Trailer for Biomass.”

The link to the story is here:

Author: Randy Hill
• Friday, March 06th, 2009

Much has been made of the economic challenges we are facing. But not enough has been made of the root causes. Economic challenges do not appear by themselves. They are the culmination of other factors working together.

Here is one factor that hasn’t gotten nearly enough media coverage: the drought. I fear if the drought doesn’t end, the economic challenges we face may grow:

As this article correctly notes, the drought we are facing in various states, including Texas, threatens our economy:

“Texas will face more agricultural losses, a growing wildfire risk and possibly water restrictions this summer if the drought persists. And the exceptional drought that has gripped Austin, San Antonio and Corpus Christi appears to be spreading closer to North Texas.”

Simply put, a drought impacts our ag crops, which impacts our food prices, which impacts our economy.  What can we do to fight back?  Really, only two things.  First, we can all do a better job of conserving water at home.  And second, we must pray for rain.

This drought is a good reminder of who is in control.  Fortunately, He has a lot more power than we do.

-Randy Hill

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Author: Randy
• Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to purchase another ranch, the Noodle Curve Ranch, in Jones country in an area northwest of Abilene. We knew that the area was known for big deer – fantastic deer hunting.

Jim Allen, our ranch manager, got everything set up for us, all the deer blinds and feeders were in place.  We went in a did some sight prep, clearing some paths – but also leaving the terrain as untouched as possible, leaving very little footprint on the land itself.  On opening weekend, I was with my dear friend, John Bracket.  His son Landon was hunting in the north blind.  He had called his dad to say he had seen a very large buck.  John wanted to be with his son when he shot a deer, so Landon didn’t shoot.  They were able to get some video footage of that monster buck.  Right then, I determined that I would hunt that blind to see if he returned.

Over the next week, I repeatedly hunted the blind, but I didn’t see the deer.  I heard 5 gunshots one night.  Every time I would hear a gun shot, my heart would sink, wondering if someone in a neighboring ranch had shot that big buck.

We went back out again this past Saturday morning.  I met Jim at 4:45a and made the 52 mile drive to the ranch in Jones County.  We got into the deer blind about 6:15a.  Within 30 minutes, there was a lot of deer activity and i ended up getting a shot about 30 minutes later.   There’s something special about finally shooting a monster deer, a true trophy white tail and having someone there with you to enjoy it.

After I got the shot, I sat in the deer blind for about 2 hours, thinking back about all of the great experiences, the great places over the past 25 years that I’ve been fortunate to hunt and fish.  I thought about those memories and all those occasions.  All of those trips were with good people – some fun times.

It was kind of ironic to me – after I thought about that.  I have traveled long distances looking for that perfect shot.  I love adventure as much as anybody does.  But here I had killed a monster deer within close proximity of home.

(Click on image for larger version)

But isn’t that similar to the way we are?  We are hunting and searching for something and we go to great lengths and great distances to find something.  It all came back to me that so often what we’re really looking for – Jesus – is right before us.  He’s close to us.  We can reach him quickly.  We have access to him.  Yet, when I reflect about the great distances I’ve traveled and how much time I’ve spent fishing and hunting, looking for that perfect catch or that trophy shot,  I realize as well how little time I’d spent on my knees praying.

Often times in life, we go to great distances and great lengths looking for something, to find something and we search the ends the ends of the earth to find it.  We buy things that we think are going to bring us happiness.  But in reality, so many people never really find that true trophy – never really reaching what we really want out of life.   Sharing adventurous experiences with good friends is part of what I think God thinks is important in life.  And I believe it’s important to have a common bond of faith between us.  And really, it’s ultimately all about Him anyway.

- Randy Hill

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