November 2008

Recently, Advance Trailer purchased a number of 45′ trailers from XTRA Lease, according to their Fort Worth office.  The trailers are in the process of being converted to speciality trailers for hauling peanuts.

Randy Hill, President of APT Advanced Trailer, said “This is a great opportunity for both companies.  I responded to an ad that XTRA had placed and now we have found a unique opportunity for both of us to benefit from the sale of these trailers.”

Paul McFaddin, Branch Manager from Fort Worth for XTRA Lease, met with Randy Hill for the initial meeting.  McFaddin and XTRA created a special incentive for Randy Hill which was agreed upon to complete the sale of the trailers.

According to XTRA, Randy is ”an enterprising man” and they view this deal as a “showcase of teamwork” and “a win-win for everyone involved”.

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