Author: RWHill
• Friday, July 10th, 2009

So how did the NCAA get so much information about ACU’s athletic department?

Sources close to ACU tell me the NCAA had an inside source. A compliance officer at the school kept a running tally of all the “major” violations. Those same sources say that the compliance officer was supposed to take the infractions first to ACU. In this case, the officer did no such thing. Instead, she built up her case against her employer and then right over ACU’s head to the NCAA.

But according to sources, the ACU compliance officer did talk to the student-athletes. She was directed by the NCAA to interview all the student-athletes and compile a list of gifts given by church members, with no regard to whether it was used socks or paying for much needed medical treatments. She then went to Wal-Mart and priced all items as if new and informed the athletes that they would have to repay the amount of the gifts to a charity in order to be eligible to participate in the National Championships. The athletes scrambled to find some way to pay the fines levied by their own compliance officer with less than two weeks until Nationals.

The real scandal in this scandal is how the NCAA handled the investigation. This is a sordid business. The NCAA should have known better. And ACU should have gotten better.

But next week, we’ll talk more about the ACU response–or lack thereof–and why the school could have and should have done more.

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