Author: RWHill
• Wednesday, July 08th, 2009

And the hits just keep on coming…

Here are some more of the “major violations” that the ACU athletic department committed, according to the NCAA:

“During the summer of 2007, two members of the football coaching staff assisted prospects 3 and 4 with their correspondence coursework.”

And what is the evidence the NCAA cites to back up this claim?

“Because assistant coach C knew prospect 3 needed to be pushed in his school work, he phoned the young man regularly to urge him to study.”

Oh, the horror of it! A college coach actually encouraging an athlete to study. Come on. Isn’t this what all coaches should be doing? Not just coaching on the field but encouraging academic pursuits off the field, too?

Here is another “major violation” according to the NCAA:

“The scope and nature of the violations detailed in Findings B-1, B-2 and B-3 demonstrate that the head coach failed to maintain an atmosphere of compliance within the men’s and women’s track and field program and failed to monitor certain aspects of the program to ensure compliance with NCAA legislation.”

And the evidence?

The track coach “gave each of the young men, who had expressed a desire to compete on his team, a pair of running shoes.”

Tell me again how a pair of running shoes is a “major violation” of the rules?

I do know this NCAA report is a major joke. When you consider that many major colleges pay athletes (remember Rhett Bomar’s “job” and how OU got a slap on the wrist?) then the ACU violations don’t seem very major at all.

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