Author: RWHill
• Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

When the NCAA announced its findings on the ACU athletic department in February 2009, ACU President Royce Money responded:

“To be clear, we maintain that these infractions do not include intentional violations. While we had systems in place at the time of the infractions, this investigation has led us to strengthen our compliance education.”

Fair enough. But what was missing from this statement was an explanation of why these “major” infractions took place and how many of them were consistent with ACU’s values.

Crisis communications experts often talk about how its important to focus on results, not process. The statement ACU gave in response to the NCAA findings tended to focus on process. “We had systems in place,” Dr. Money said.

In retrospect, wouldn’t it have been better to say something like: “We have a values system in place”?  And then go onto to describe the church Christmas party as an example of Christians simply showing some Christian charity to the student-athletes?

I think ACU missed an opportunity to describe to the nation why it is different than any other college in the country.

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