Author: RWHill
• Wednesday, December 08th, 2010

Randy Hill Launches Initiative to Give iPads to Teachers at Dallas Christian

Charitable donation will allow 60 teachers and all high school students to receive iPads

DALLAS, TEXAS—Randy Hill, President and CEO of Advanced Trailer, today announced that he is providing money to help Dallas Christian School distribute iPads to each full-time teacher as part of its new ChargerTech initiative.  Faculty will spend the Christmas holidays familiarizing themselves with the device, after which they will begin collaborating with experts from Abilene Christian University, a recognized leader in the area of Mobile Learning.

“We can’t keep giving our kids the kind of instruction I received in the ‘80s, let alone giving it to them essentially in the way it was delivered in the 1880s,” Hill said in making the announcement. “I’m thrilled to be able to help DCS accomplish its goal of becoming a more innovative institution that can get these students ready for the jobs they will want in the future – many of which don’t even exist right now.”

Plans call for all of Dallas Christian’s high school students to receive their own iPads in August 2011, prior to the start of the school year.  iPad carts will be available across campus for use by students in the lower grades.

Dallas Christian’s partnership with Abilene Christian University will give DCS faculty access to the latest research in the ever-expanding world of mobile learning technology.

“We look forward to supporting the ChargerTech initiative,” says Dr. Billie McConnell, director of ACU’s k-12 Digital Learning Institute. “Schools need to be developing their students’ critical thinking, communication and problem-solving skills. Making use of the latest digital tools is one of the most important ways they can accomplish their mission.

“At ACU, our students and faculty are immersed in the day-in-day-out process of adapting this technology to the classroom, and we’re succeeding. We look forward to sharing our experience with Dallas Christian,” says McConnell.

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