Author: Randy Hill
• Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

I guess my “major” complaint about the sanctions leveled by the NCAA against ACU is the adjective “major.”

How can the NCAA look at the facts and decide these were “major” violations?  A Christmas party for international students?  Letting an athlete borrow a pair of running shoes? Someone getting a pair of socks as a gift at a church party?

This is “major”? No, this is absurd.

Let’s keep some perspective on this:

First, ACU is a Christian institution.  As such, it has close affiliations with many local churches.

Second, churches do charity.  All the time.  If an international student visits a local church, he/she is going to receive some hospitality.
Third, the NCAA rules covering recruiting are not as simple as some might think.  Here is how ACU Athletic Director Jared Mosley described it:

“The one thing I can say, and I’ve said this multiple times and been consistent, it’s a very complex issue, NCAA compliance. So there are opportunities to misinterpret or just not enough steps in your research to find out the exact approach or method in moving forward in certain situations.”

So the combination of well-intentioned hospitality with confusing guidelines led to some “major” violations, according to the NCAA.

Here is what is a major violation: when your star quarterback is getting paid by a local backer’s car dealership for a job he doesn’t even do.  That was Rhett Bomar and OU.  And that was a major violation.  Giving out socks at a church Christmas party is anything but major.

Someone at the NCAA needs to learn the difference.

-Randy Hill

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