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Author: Randy Hill
• Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Sometimes nice guys do finish first.  That certainly is the case for Bob Hunter.


Most of us only dream about the kind of career Bob has had: college official, state representative, husband, father.  The thread that weaves these different aspects of his life together is his love for God and his love for Abilene Christian University.  And so it’s a perfect tribute that ACU opened a new building in his honor: The Hunter Welcome Center.  This past weekend, more than 700 invited guests, including 57 Hunter family members, were on hand for the festivities.  The new building is a $15.7 million 57,000-square-foot facility.  And as someone who was there for the opening, I can assure you it is a beautiful place.

Which is at it should be since Bob and his wife Shirley are beautiful people. As a college administrator, he helped transform his alma mater from a small college into a major university and was the driving force behind innovative ideas like Sing Song. As a state representative, he coordinated passage of the Texas Tuition Equalization Grant program, which has provided more than $1 billion to students to help them attend private colleges in Texas. And as a man, he simply has no equal.  His grace is matched only by his compassion.

This past weekend, I was proud to see Bob honored by the university he has honored so long and so well.

As a young student in the late 1980s, I was always impressed with the little man with such a possitive attitude that I often met as I crossed the campus heading to classes. Soon his optimistic personality began to rub off on me. When I graduated I took with me many things that I had learned durring my time at ACU.  One of those was the possitive attitude that I learned from Bob. Twenty years later, when asked how I am doing, I still tell people: Great! Never good, fine or ok. But great! Why?  Because that’s what Bob always says.

A few years ago I was invited to Austin for a meeting at the Capital with the Govenors office. Before the meeting I decided to stop by Bob’s office and pay him a visit. As I walked in the door I ask if Bob was in. From the back office I heard him say, “I hear a friendly voice.” Aand I thought to myself, “so do I.”

-Randy Hill

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