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Author: RWHill
• Friday, August 26th, 2011

For some time now, I have been telling anyone who will listen that NASCAR is the future of racing. It looks like someone agrees with me:


Danica Patrick is easily the biggest star of the Indy Series. And now, she is switching full-time to NASCAR:

“’I go where my heart tells me, where my gut tells me, where I’m enjoying my life the most, where I feel I can have the most success,’ Patrick said at a news conference outside Phoenix, the home of her sponsor, GoDaddy.com. ‘I’ve truly enjoyed my experience in NASCAR to the point I want to do it full time.’”

NASCAR is heading for even bigger things in the future. And now Danica will be a part of it.

Author: RWHill
• Friday, June 03rd, 2011

Here is the biggest proof yet that Indy racing is dying and NASCAR is only getting better:


Danica Patrick will join NASCAR full-time. I don’t know that. But I’m predicting it. Here is why:

“Yeah, the Indy 500 is still the Indy 500, but even what was once considered the greatest and grandest of motorsports events has lost its luster. Its TV ratings last year were the worst in history (and just 4.3 on Sunday), and not even the hype of the 100th anniversary of the race provided much of a boost.”

Danica knows that the future of racing is in NASCAR. And that’s why she’ll be there full-time. The question is not if, but when.

Author: RWHill
• Friday, February 25th, 2011

What happens when you combine the greatest sport in the world with one of the greatest stars in the world? We’re about to find out as Danica Patrick’s second NASCAR season is underway:


For years, Danica has been one of the most marketable celebrities in all of sports. But when she started competing in some NASCAR races last year, many people laughed and complained that this was just a publicity stunt. They’re not laughing after last weekend in Daytona:

“Patrick completed her first NASCAR race of the season on Saturday, February 19th with a 14th place finish at Daytona in the DRIVE4COPD 300; she qualified fourth for the race, and became the first woman to lead a lap at the historic NASCAR track. Hopefully, as she enters the next phase of her NASCAR experiment, Patrick can continue to improve….”

She can and she will. She is another example of someone who is willing to chase the dream!