The most satisfying part about business,” Randy Hill says, “is the adventure.” And today, his journey is just beginning.

The native Texan’s journey has taken him into Texas business. He launched his first company in 1995 with Advanced Trailer Leasing and Sales LTD, a regional semi trailer sales and rental business that within a few years became one of the largest in the Southwest. But like any good entrepreneur, his focus was matched with flexibility. When he realized that the trailers he sold could be used to dry peanuts, he began developing specialty modifications for existing used trailers. This was a unique business concept that used retired trailers and transformed them into new products. He did this by listening to his customers. He heard the “suggestions of what our customers wanted and modified trailers to make them unique.” It worked. Soon, his company was not only a leader in the industry, but developing new industries. In 2002 Randy sold the Irving Texas rental fleet but retained the company name and sales business. In 2004, he transformed his business into APT AdvancedTrailer and Equipment LP, which he continues leading today as President and CEO. In April of that same year, Randy opened a peanut trailer manufacturing facility in Vienna, Georgia. To this day, GE Rail Services recognizes APT as their largest customer. GE Rail has also described Randy Hill as someone who has “revolutionized an entire industry.” Currently, APT has more than 30 Patent Provisions pending with the US Patent and Trademark Office in Washington D.C. And APT trailors have been used successfully with almonds in California, seed in Kansas and peanuts in more than ten states as well as Argentina. APT is even testing trailers for use in the Biomass and Biofuel industries.

Randy’s journey has also taken him into Texas real estate, including commercial, residential, and ranch real estate holdings across the south west. His real estate holdings have spread across Brewster, Callahan, Fisher, Llano Hudspeth, Pecos, Jones, Tarrant and Taylor counties in Texas. Over the past four years Randy has begun an effort to concentrate his interest in Historical Ranch Preservation.

And Randy’s journey has taken him into Texas history. As a native of Garland, Texas, where he attended Dallas Christian High School, Randy has always loved the people of values of the Lone Star State. Later, Randy continued his academic pursuits at Abilene Christian University, where he developed a deep affection for West Texas, ACU and the advancement of Christian education. He is an avid outdoors-man who enjoys hunting, fishing, golf and ranching. He and Chellee, his wife of 18 years, live with their three children at Saddle Ridge in Callahan County 20 miles east of Abilene. His enthusiasm for the outdoors provides insight into Randy’s thrill for what drives him in his professional endeavors. And he is currently working on a series of books about Texas history and leadership.

Texas business…Texas real estate…Texas history. Randy’s journey has taken him to many places. As he looks to the future, he sees many miles to go.